Tube bending

We provide a tube bending service on a mandrel tube bending machine. When mandrel bending, the tube is pushed over the mandrel into the bending machine and clamped between a bending tool and clip. In the bench, the bending head rotates around the bending axis and the required bend radius is achieved with the help of a radius tool. A thrust bearing supports the tube during the entire bending process.

Danival MW OÜ uses a mandrel tube bending machine, as it can make the smallest bending radius with optimum quality. In addition, a mandrel bending machine helps to ensure bends with the highest quality, as no folds are formed in the bending area.

Depending on the material of the tube, it is possible to bend tubes in a mandrel bending machine the radius of which is 1.5 times of the external diameter of the tube. A more complex mandrel is needed for the thinner the wall of the tube and the smaller the bending radius.

We offer a tube bending service for tubes made of carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminium.

Our tube bending machine facilitates the bending of round tubes, the diameter of which is from 6 to 54 mm. This means that the maximum diameter of a round tube to be bent is 54 x 3 mm and the maximum bending angle is 190°. The length of the mandrel rod is 4500 mm. Bending accuracy of the bench is 0.1°.

We are always prepared to extend the range of our tools, as required.


Presently, we use the following tools for tube processing:

Tube size: Bend’s centreline radius (CLR):
12 35mm
16x1,5 40mm
16x2 40mm
20x1,5 40mm
20x2 40mm
25x1,5 50mm
25x2 50mm
26,9x2,9 55mm
30x2 60mm
33,7x2,9 70mm
40x2 80mm
42,4x2,3 85mm
42,4x3,2 85mm
48,3x2 95mm
48,3x2,9 95mm
50x1,5 100mm
50x3 100mm
Square tubes  
25x25x1,5 75mm
30x30x1,5 90mm
20x40x1,5 120mm
20x40x2 120mm
40x20x1,5 150mm
40x20x2 150mm