Tube bending

We are offering tube bending service on CNC and NC mandrel tube bending machines. On these machines, the mandrel supports the tube from the inside during bending to achieve minimum deformation and the best bending quality for bends with small radius. Bending is done around the bending axis with a tool with a fixed radius (see the table below for a list of available tools).

Depending on the material used, pipes can be bent with a radius equal to 1.5 times the outer diameter of the pipe with a mandrel bending machine. The thinner the wall thickness and the smaller the bend radius, the more complex tool set is required.

We offer pipe bending services for carbon and stainless steel pipes with a diameter of 12mm-60.3mm and also for square pipes. 

Available tools

Available tools for AMOB CH80CNC tube bending machine:
Pipe size Center Line Radius (CLR):
12x1,5 24mm
14x2 28mm
15x1,5 30mm
16x1,5 32mm
17,2x2,4 34,4mm
18x1,5 36mm
19x1,5 38mm
20x1,5 40mm
21,3x2,7 42,6mm
22x1,5 44mm
25x1,5 50mm
25x2 50mm
26,9x2 53,8mm
26,9x2,3 53,8mm
26,9x3 53,8mm
30x1,5 60mm
30x2 60mm
32x1,5 64mm
32x2 64mm
33,7x2 67,4mm
33,7x2,3 67,4mm
33,7x2,6 67,4mm
33,7x3 67,4mm
38x1,5 76mm
38x2 76mm
40x2 80mm
40x2,5 80mm
42,4x1,5 84,8mm
42,4x2 84,8mm
42,4x2,6 84,8mm
42,4x3 84,8mm
42,4x3,2 84,8mm
45x2,5 90mm
48,3x2 96,6mm
48,3x2,6 96,6mm
48,3x3 96,6mm
50x1,5 100mm
60,3x2 120,6mm
60,3x3 120,6mm
Square tubes
20x20x1,5 40mm
20x20x2 40mm
25x25x1,5 50mm
25x25x2 50mm
30x30x1,5 60mm
30x30x2 60mm
40x20x1,5 80mm
40x20x2 80mm
40x20x1,5 150mm
40x20x2 150mm
20x40x1,5 120mm
20x40x2 120mm
Available tools for Gelber-Bieger S-50 tube bending machine:
Pipe size Center Line Radius (CLR):
12 35mm
16x1,5 40mm
16x2 40mm
20x1,5 40mm
20x2 40mm
25x1,5 50mm
25x2 50mm
26,9x2,9 55mm
30x2 60mm
33,7x2,9 70mm
40x2 80mm
42,4x2,3 85mm
42,4x3,2 85mm
48,3x2 95mm
48,3x2,9 95mm
50x1,5 100mm
50x3 100mm
Square tubes
25x25x1,5 75mm
30x30x1,5 90mm
20x40x1,5 120mm
20x40x2 120mm
40x20x1,5 150mm
40x20x2 150mm