About Us

Danival MW OÜ is a company established in 2008 and based 100% on Estonian capital. The main field of activity of the company is performing various types of metal work. Our product portfolio consists of single details to finished products.  We perform, the sheet metal laser cutting, the tube laser cutting, the bending and rolling of tubes and profiles, the sheet metal processing and various types of welding work. Depending on the client’s specifications, we can finish the ready products by means of hot-dip galvanising or powder coating. Since 2013, Danival MW OÜ (formerly Danival Ehitus OÜ) has increased its sales turnover by 120% each financial year compared to the previous year. Exports account for over 60% of turnover. The number of loyal clients in Estonia as well as abroad is steadily increasing. Our main foreign clients are companies from Finland, Sweden and Latvia. The company has successfully concluded over 800 projects to order.

We value:

  • long-term partnership with our clients;
  • possibility to offer our services for small as well as big clients;
  • client’s feedback on our work so that we can offer even more in the future.

We offer:

  • a quick and flexible service to all clients, regardless of the size of the order;
  • high quality in providing services and manufacturing products;
  • experience of experts in manufacturing different parts;
  • many years of long-term experience of professionals in finding solutions for even the most complex projects.

Product design with SolidWorks Industrial Design.

We manufacture various semi-finished and finished products. As to semi-finished products, we have manufactured metal parts for the furniture industry (such as garden and school furniture) as well as various bent components for the automobile and machine industries. We also have experience in manufacturing semi-finished products for the agricultural sector, such as metal fencing.

In addition, we have made parts for playgrounds and sports . We have made various small metal structures for construction sites and other smaller metal structures. Furthermore, we manufacture custom-designed semi-finished products.

We also offer a rather wide selection of finished products. We manufacture bicycle holders, city furniture, garden and industrial furniture. We manufacture gates, fencing and poles, chimney valves, metal pallets for goods and other similar metal products.

We are a member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.